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If I could give 10 stars, I would! Theo was an absolutely pleasure to work with. In the months leading up to our wedding day, he was very responsive and accommodating. He answered all my questions thoroughly with the utmost patience, despite how type-A they were! The wedding day, on the other hand - he was SPECTACULAR! As the bride, it's hard not to get caught up in the frenzy, but Theo's easy-going and calm demeanor completely put us at ease. He was centered & focused on capturing the most perfect picture moments. I even shared a wish list of pictures, some were a stretch, but he captured every moment. I am most thrilled about how he was able to capture the emotion of the day. I have had many guests tell me that they feel like they're back in the moment when looking at the album. The laughter, the tears. He captured it all! I cannot recommend Theo enough, 10 out of 10!                            — Julie and Darren

Theo was a dream to work with throughout the wedding planning process. From initial conversations, over a year out, to providing feedback and input on every photography questions I had, I knew I could count on him. The moment we knew it was beyond a perfect match was during our engagement photo session when my fiance was equally as comfortable with Theo and the process as I. Theo encourages his couples to interact normally and has great, simply ques that do not make photos feel forced or awkward. Theo’s photography style is so flattering for all types of weather as well. Our wedding day was a bit dreary and drizzling all day and you can’t even tell. Instead he used the fog and light to create beautiful images. His use of light brings life to every photo. I knew every photo would turn out wonderfully, but the best part was the acknowledgement of Theo’s work from friends and family that equally loved our memories he preserved.
— Suzannah and Andrew

Theo was an ease to work with. And I stress the importance of ease since planning a wedding can become stressful fairly quickly. While staying very professional Theo was able to help Spencer and I feel comfortable and relaxed during our photo sessions. We chose Theo as our engagement and wedding photographer both by looking at his beautiful work through his website and talking about our goals and visions together on the phone. His unique style really captured what we were looking for. We could tell right away how creative he is and it really showed through our pictures. He really knows how to capture those sweet and perfect moments that go by so fast in one night...now we are able to cherish them through his photos. We truly are so happy and excited that we had Theo handling our photography and look forward to using his talents again!
— Kat and Kyle

Theo was such a joy to work with on our wedding day! He was on time, flexible, professional, and very creative. He captured beautiful moments without having a camera in our faces, most of the time I didn’t even know he was there. Definitely the best wedding photographer in Wilmington! So glad we had him!
— Hannah and Ben

Theo is professional, dependable, and amazingly talented. He is also genuinely a really nice guy! We felt very comfortable with him as soon as we met and he made sure to keep the picture process the day of our wedding relaxed and fun. We are so thankful that we chose him to photograph our day and we were so pleased with how quickly we got a sneak peek to the photos and then got to view all of our proofs. We have received endless compliments since sharing the photos with our friends and family and we couldn't be happier to have them to enjoy for years to come!
— Amanda and Nick

WOW...I do not even know where to begin when it comes to Theo and his outstanding talent! He is the reason I got married on May 25, 2013! The minute my, now husband...then fiancé, proposed Theo was the first person I called! (literally the next day!) I had always envisioned a May wedding and he was quite booked in May 2013 when I called him in 2012. He gave me two Saturday's that he was still free for and I decided on the 25th while I was on the phone with him then! I have always adored his work, it's truly unlike any other photographers I've ever seen. I knew I wanted him to capture images of the most important day of my life! I just got my "preview photos" yesterday from him and I could not be more ecstatic with my decision! He captures all of the important images during the ceremony without you or any of the guests even being able to notice him being there! I've been to weddings in the past where the photographer almost "gets in the way" during the ceremony and so many of my guests came up to me and told me how good of a job he did of not doing that! Also, throughout my year of wedding planning several people around town had asked me about the vendors I was using and every time I mentioned I was using Theo Milo Photography their mouths would drop in excitement and would gush at how lucky I was to have the option to use him for my wedding! Overall the man and his team are pure talent! His photos are outstanding and I could not be more proud of the work he did to capture our wedding photos!
– Jamie and Nick

Shane popped the question on December 11, 2011. I picked my wedding photographer the month before. Jenica (a family friend from "back home") had just shared her wedding blogpost, and, as soon as I saw her pictures I knew this was my wedding photographer! (I'm not even ashamed to admit I planned parts of my wedding before the engagement!) I called Theo the very next day and we set the date! Shane and I are so thankful that we chose Theo. His pictures are real, refreshing, and beautiful--simply beautiful. My husband is not the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Theo is such a nice guy that you can't help but feel relaxed around him. Shane was nervous about taking engagement pictures, but within minutes he loosened up, and we have the sweetest pictures as a result! Theo was also an amazing guy when it came to communication and planning. He was always accessible by email, text or phone calls, and accommodating to anything we had in store. We highly recommend Theo; we have so many amazing pictures from this special time in our lives. All beautifully captured thanks to him! Thanks Theo!!!
– Jennifer and Shane

Working with Theo was such a positive experience! I always feel kind of awkward having my picture taken, and I was especially nervous when it came to shooting my engagement session and wedding photos, but Theo was fantastic! He made the experience fun and natural, and I think that was apparent in our photographs. The images were just beautiful, for both our engagement session and our wedding. He captured all the details and caught funny little moments that we wouldn't otherwise be able to remember. He has incredible talent as a photographer... But my recommendation doesn't stop there. Riley and I could have found other photographers who took solid photos, but we would have been hard-pressed to find someone else so friendly and willing to get all the details right. Theo really went out of his way to meet with us and get to know us as people. He cared about our vision, he listened to our hopes for both our wedding day and our future, and that was really nice. We didn't just feel like we were hiring a photographer--we felt like we were making a friend.
– Jenica and Riley

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Theo did a PHENOMENAL job for our wedding. He was always responsive to questions, was flexible on our entire shoot as we were in different cities and most importantly he is an overall wonderful person. We did not feel like another shoot or another client, we felt like a friend to Theo and it created an amazing and relaxed atmosphere for wonderful engagement and wedding photos. It was an incredible experience having Theo as our photographer and I would HIGHLY recommend him to all of our friends and family. If you have not decided on a photographer for your event, do yourself a favor and call Theo today. You will be truly thankful that you did.
– Laura and Davis